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Britain overcomes Italy with Europe's highest official death toll for coronavirus
Britain has overtaken Italy to report Europe's highest official coronavirus death toll with more than 32,000 deaths, figures released Tuesday showed.
France's early COVID-19 case may contain clues to the start of the pandemic
According to experts on Tuesday, a study by French scientists suggesting a man was infected with COVID-19 as early as Dec. 27, almost a month before France confirmed its first cases, could be important in assessing when and where the new coronavirus emerged.
Hong Kong to relax certain constraints as new cases of coronavirus decline
Hong Kong's government said it will loosen restrictions on public gatherings on Tuesday and allow gyms, cinemas and beauty parlours to reopen later this week as only a handful of new cases of coronavirus have been reported in recent weeks.
China launches spacecraft through the largest rocket carrier
China launched its largest carrier rocket on Tuesday successfully, carrying a spacecraft of the new generation, state broadcaster CCTV said.
Italy joins nations warmly leaving behind in fear of the second wave
Italy was among a slew of countries loosening lockdown restrictions on Monday to resurrect their economies, but officials warned against moving too quickly as new cases of coronavirus passed 3.5 million worldwide and deaths were close to a quarter of a million.