Technology News
The Starlink mission will aim to hit a new record
SpaceX is planning to launch five of its Falcon 9 rockets over the next month, starting on 27 May with its historical success and followed by three launches of Starlink with plans to boost a GPS satellite by 30 June. Continued this almost weekly speed of launch would make it easy to set a new company record at most launches in a year for Elon Musk's commercial space startup.
iPhone SE Manufacturing will take place in India
This move might help Apple to gain a greater foothold in the growing market that accounts for only 2% of Apple's total income.
The AI technology brings a new dimension in football player analysis
Loughborough University computer scientists have developed new artificial intelligence ( AI) algorithms to change how football clubs analyse teams and the performances of individual players on pitch.
Ford Mustang will soon provide hands-free driving technology
Electric SUVs from Ford's Mustang Mach-E will be capable of adding hands-free motorway technology to their cars late next year.
Google upgrades Android 11 beta v1.5 with some important bug fixes.
Android 11 was launched just some day ago and already we have an update named v1.5, google released this update to fix some prevalent bugs