Technology News
As report says Toshiba is taking retirement from laptop business
In its laptop business, Toshiba sold its remaining stake to Sharp, effectively leaving the PC industry.
No evidence was found by CIA that the Chinese government had any access to the TikTok data.
Although the intelligence agency said TikTok data could be obtained by the Chinese government, this has yet to be done.
The New software Update from Tesla consists of new features and suspension configurations.
Tesla has now begun to update its fleet with new software and includes interesting new features related to Powerwall charge, suspension etc.
Apple is taking legal actions on company Prepear as it has a pear logo
In accordance with iPhone in Canada, Apple takes lawsuits against the developer of the Prepear app because of its logo.
Today , China blocks all HTTPS encoded traffic with TLS 1.3 and ESNI
Block was implemented at the end of July and is implemented via the Internet surveillance technology of China's Great Firewall.