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Tesla Faces Lawsuit with 'Dozing Driver' Blamed for Fatal Crash after Model X on Autopilot
Documents filed in a federal court in San Jose Tuesday described the case of 44-year-old Yoshihiro Umeda as the first 'autopilot-related death involving a pedestrian
Amazon Pay Later releases in India, offering zero interest credit, EMI payments on purchases of product
The Pay Later service also allows consumers to opt for credit during the lockdown to pay monthly utility bills or to buy essential goods.
Earth's most dangerous place in history is Morocco
"This was arguably the most dangerous place in planet Earth's history, a place where a human time-traveler would not last very long," said Ibrahim, author of the study.
Why did Facebook select Reliance Jio for the India alliance
Reliance is the only Indian company to compete with global peers and the social media giant is well aware of that.
Apple is going to pay $18 million to settle broken FaceTime suit
Apple has agreed to pay $18 million to settle a case that accuses the firm of deliberately breaking FaceTime on iOS 6.