Technology News
OnePlus Z Release Rumors: Power-packed Model, Possible Price Revealed
The OnePlus Z could come out with a processor of difference but not as powerful as the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus Pro 8.
Echo Arena beta open launches on Oculus Quest on 5 May
Ready At Dawn announced that Echo Arena (a zero-g sports game) will be available on the Oculus Quest in open beta starting May 5.
Hackers break LineageOS servers through vulnerability that is not patched
Hackers have accessed the core infrastructure of LineageOS, an Android-based mobile operating system used for smartphones, tablets, and set-top boxes.
PlayStation Plus Games Rumors: Gamers Petition Sony To Change Freebies May 2020
PlayStation Plus Games for May 2020 titles are under fire with members petitioning for Sony to replace this month's free games offer.
The Last of Us Part 2' Leaks Confirmed Naughty Dog And Sony Employees Not Involved
Sony confirmed it identified the individuals responsible for leakage earlier this week of the massive amount of content related to "The Last of Us Part 2"