Technology News
Google Pixel 4 XL Appears Unreleased Option for Gray Color
Google had introduced three-color options for the Pixel 4 XL, Clearly White, Just Black, and Oh So Orange. Well, fourth Pixel 4 XL color variant
Halo game Master Collection Devs Talk about working from home, Updates on their progress
Halo 3 previews, and more, including updates from the Halo 2 playtest.
Tesla could bring PowerPack's battery grid tech to the UK
According to The Telegraph, Tesla has applied for a license to become an energy supplier in the UK. That means it can bring the PowerPack lithium-ion battery technology to Britain, much as it did with its Hornsdale PowerPack 100 megawatt installation in southern Australia.
Amazon, Flipkart, Ola and Uber are starting to resume service in India
E-commerce firms Amazon, Flipkart, and ride-hailing giants Ola and Uber are partly resuming their services in India after the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi eased some restrictions late last week to reinvigorate economic activity that has been stalled since the strict stay-at-home orders were ordered nationwide in late March. In their statements the companies said
Meizu 17 Series Display Custom S-AMOLED Eye Protection Screen
In 5 days you will all be met by the new flagship of 5 G, the Meizu 17. Meizu Technology officially brought out the latest news on the morning of 3 May