Technology News
Facebook will display a warning before sharing COVID-19 articles.
A new notification screen is used to help Facebook combat the propagation of potentially harmful COVID-19 malinformation, "this will help people understand the content and source of its information before sharing it."
California's Android phones now get earthquake warnings
For the very first time , early earthquake warnings will be sent directly to the devices to Californians Android phone users, starting on Tuesday.
The WatchOS 7 beta is out now for public
This is the first time that a beta is issued to consumers for WatchOS.
The Google dialer app can be installed on most of the android phones with latest patch
Google has changed its app for dialer to open the app for any Android smartphone on the market.
humans are now heading towards building trust towards Robots
The building of confidence in robots by explaining what they are doing is an important step to the cooperation between people and robots.