Technology News
Audi is launching the Artemis technology car unit to quickly market a Pioneered EV
Audi has established a new unit of business called Artemis to deliver fast and agile German automakers' latest offer to make electric cars with highly automated driving systems and other technology available on the market
Google is delaying the announcement of Android 11 Beta as US cities roar
Google was set to disclose the rest of Android's 11 features on June 3rd, but it decided to delay its disclosure. In a Friday night 's tweet, Android's developer account said: "We 're excited to tell you more about Android 11, but it is not time now.
Xbox series X: Microsoft believes even differently from Sony in the generations
GM Aaron Greenberg has reiterated the support of Microsoft in games from the last generation of consoles in Xbox.
Zoom plans to upgrade encryption to paid users only
Zoom plans to improve your security with stronger encryption, only for customers who use the paid version of the service, and not for those who use it free.
Nuro's self driving robots will deliver meds to Texas CVS users
Self-driving startup Nuro will begin delivering pharmaceuticals to one CVS store's customers in Houston , Texas. This represents a shift in the typical operations of Nuro which focus on food supply and grocery in Arizona and Texas.