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The latest pixel features of Google include a safety check if you walk alone
Google adds some new features to Pixel smartphones , including a 'security check' to ensure you're all right when you go outside alone at night. The clock app now also features a bedtime feature.
Radical iPhone Upgrade of Apple Insider controversies
A top Apple Insider weighed up what we might expect from Apple in 2021 with quite different ideas.
Black Ops: Cold War can be the next Call Of Duty launch
According to the way in which Modern Warfare returned to the roots of Infinity Ward, Call of Duty developer Treyarch seems to have returned to where Black Ops began.
CEO of Sony offers PlayStation 5 Pricing and Value Proposals
Despite the challenges presented by COVID-19, PlayStation 5 will still be launched this year but how much will this cost when it comes to launching?
YOLO High Speed Object Detection In Real Time
Just once (YOLO) you look, it's a state of the art object detection system in real time. On the Pascal Titan X, pictures at 30 FPS are processed and COCO test-dev has a mAP of 57.9 percent.