Technology News
Apple and Google have banned fortnite from their digital marketplaces
The fortnite manufacturer Epic Games has sued after the technology giants have removed the game from play store and Apple store.
The download speeds of Starlink SpaceX are revealed which is from 11Mbps to 60Mbps
Tests by Ookla don't show SpaceX gigabit speeds, but this is early.
Google stops accepting Hong Kong authorities' data requests
Such requests are to be forwarded to China's Treaty on legal aid with the United States.
Samsung is now introducing the new Galaxy Z Fold 2 with partnership with Microsoft
There is still something to be done, but all indications indicate that Galaxy Z Fold 2 will be priced close to the predecessor 's nearly $2,000 list price.
Microsoft has launched its first android smart phone, Surface Duo at $1400??
Finally the Duo has a price and a date of ship, but there are many concerns about the specifications.