Technology News
Twitter is upgrading to a improved verification System
Twitter plans to restore its verification system to an updated format. The requests for blue ticks return.
OpenAI will begin the sale of its text generation technology and Reddit will be one of the first customers
OpenAI's first commercial product has been announced by the artificial intelligence research laboratory, an accessible text-generation GPT-3 version. Unknown pricing, but AI Dungeon and Reddit are early customers.
Microsoft will not sell it's facial recognition technology to police.
Microsoft claims that after a similar move from Amazon on Wednesday, it will not sell face recognition technology to law enforcement agencies. Both companies want the Congress to establish federal rules on how to use technology without violating civil liberties and human rights.
Google Stadia can now be used on any modern android phones
The cloud gaming service Stadia by Google no longer requires the use of a specific Android phone. Every Android phone that is able to install the app ? most Android 6.0 or later devices should be able to run it.
Now on Google Play Store you can find Adobe Photoshop Camera
Adobe Photoshop Camera is now available for download from the Google Play Store after official announcement at the end of 2019.