Technology News
Blur faces are to be enhanced in super resolution images by AI
Researchers found a way to use artificial intelligence to transform a few dozen pixels into a high resolution face image. A Duke University team in the US created an algorithm that can 'imagine' realistic faces of people with eight times more efficiency than earlier methods. "There was never a super resolution
United Airlines starts self-screening at check-in for passengers
Consumer air travel is gradually recovering, as in April there was record-low passenger volumes, but airlines are changing the experience in order to protect passengers and prevent the spread of coronavirus.
Smart helmet' is launched by DP World Safety to detect coronavirus in the UAE.
World Security, DP World 's security services provider, has introduced a new "Smart Helmet" designed to identify people potentially infected with COVID-19 without making any contact with them
The patent for Apple Glass reveals a mass appeal, killing features.
Apple Glass is ready to determine the wearable future for AR, but adoption and accessibility represent its biggest obstacle on launch. A new patent suggests that Apple may have a solution.
Virtual showrooms for Mercedes cars and AMGs is launched by NBK Automobiles in Qatar.
Nasser Bin Khaled (NBK), a licensed General Distributor of Mercedes-Benz in Qatar, launched its new state-of-the-art virtual showroom, which enables customers to explore Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-AMG keeping with the evolutionary consumer shopping patterns and to meet changing customer demands