Technology News
Google upgrades Android 11 beta v1.5 with some important bug fixes.
Android 11 was launched just some day ago and already we have an update named v1.5, google released this update to fix some prevalent bugs
Google's Gmail app will be updated with video calling features
Google has announced that it is rolling in its Gmail app on iOS and Android which includes video calling features like Google's Meet app. Google has previously made its Meet video chat platform freely available and integrated into its Gmail client for everyone last month. Virtual meeting of up to 100 people can be created at a time.
A computer programmer has created a voice controlled face mask with LED mouth movement
This is the project for you if you wanna make your mask much more interactive.
Starlink asks people to test it's SpaceX Internet service
SpaceX announces that its Starlink orbit internet service is looking for beta testers. The company was launched in 2015 under Tesla CEO Elon Musk with the first satellite prototype launched in 2018. Since then, Nasa's Kennedy Space Center in Florida has launched a range of new satellites.
Boston Dynamics robot dog is finally purchasable now.
Boston Dynamic's robot dog is on sale now, it has good capabilities including herding sheep and would help doctors identify and aid corona virus patients.