Technology News
The age of AI supported digital Child caring is hear now
Parenting is one of the activities most human to do. There are many AI solutions now available with the digital age to help parents raise their children.
Samsung Electronics launched its new Bespoke customizable fridge
Samsung Electronics has launched its new Bespoke refrigerator, which allows customers to modify their own patterns by material, color and component in order to compete with a variety of routines and internal design concepts. The refrigerator is launched in select markets around the world, after initial start in China, Europe.
latest Huawei smartphones have the best hardware which brings cutting-edge features
Huawei's promised new global software release brings cutting-edge features to a wide array of devices, including those with full Google Mobile Services on board.
Vodafone links Asian city with GigaNet fiber
Vodafone Qatar has linked Asian Town to its state-of-the-art GigaNet fiber network , providing thousands of workers with reliable fixed access.
Apple's WWDC will become one of its biggest in years
WWDC 2020 is nearly here. Apple's computers are about to change radically inwardly, and possibly outwardly too. Here's what to expect from Apple 's annual developer conference, including rumors about iOS 14, macOS 10.16, Apple switching its Macs to ARM processors, and more.