Technology News
The GPU series of AMD Radeon Pro 5000 will improve iMac graphics.
Apple today announced iMac updates. While the iMac and iMac Pro were small bumps, most of the love was saved for the 27 "iMac, which starts at $1799.00. While they were small. Although the new CPUs of 10th generation, the 1080p webcam and the nano-texture screen options have robbed the headlines, the new GPU options for 7 nm AMD Radeon Pro 5000 Series are also pretty much big.
Snapchat is now testing its new music feature like TikTok, may release later this year
According to a report, Snapchat collaborates with major music companies to allow users to add songs to videos.
Verizon has a roaming deal in South Korea to allow 5G use
When visiting the country, Verizon travelers who have a "compatible" 5 G device can pick up 5G.
Starlink spaceX is now planning for 5 million customers in US
SpaceX requests that FCC expand the license to register interest after 700,000 people.
android security patch of august 2020 is here for google Pixel smart phones
The security patch for Android is now uploaded to Google Pixel phones in August 2020. Check the system configuration for a software update or await the OTA warning.