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Federico Valverde credits Zinedine Zidane to help Real Madrid adapt
Zidane is considered one of the best midfielders in history, having led France to victory at World Cup 1998 and European Championship 2000.
Paul Pogba I never even knew who Graeme Souness was
In his role as Sky Sports pundit, Souness has been a regular critic of the Manchester United midfielder.
Reports NFL, union agree to offseason 'virtual' programs
NFL teams will start virtual offseason programs with players at home over the next two weeks after an agreement with the NFL Players Association has been reached Monday, several media outlets have reported.
Italian health official likely won't see how Series A can start again in May
Football is a contact sport with a transmission risk,' Giovanni Rezza says
Michael Hussey describes why MS Dhoni is 'the greatest finisher ever'-cricket
Asked what is the reason behind the consistent run of three-time CSK champions in the IPL, Hussey said: "Supportive owners who let the coach (Stephen) Fleming and Captain Dhoni decide how to run the team, excellent chemistry between the coach and the captain, leadership of Dhoni.