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United Airlines only needs 3,000 flight attendants out of 25,000 in June
United Airlines Holdings Inc has told staff that it only has work for about 3,000 of its about 25,000 flight attendants in June, sources said, and warned of job losses if demand does not recover by the time government payroll aid expires in the fall.
The secret batteries of Tesla are designed to rework electric car and grid math
Electric car manufacturer Tesla Inc. intends to introduce a new, low cost battery in its Model 3 sedan in China later in this or early next year, in order to ensure that electric vehicle costs are consistent with petrol models and that the Electricity Battery will live on a second and third life in the electricity grid.
Nike warns of the fourth quarter store shutdown due to virus
On Thursday, Nike Inc said shutdowns all over the world will harm retail and wholesale businesses in the fourth quarter, while increasing the capability of e-commerce to deal avec increased online order in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.
In the first quarter, WeWork reports increased free cash flow
On Thursday, the We company, owner of WeWork, reported that for the first time quarterly revenues were more than $1 billion and free cash flow increased 60% sequentially, but the cash-losing joint venture operator didn't mention profitability in an e-mail to Reuters' revised employees.
Walt Disney World and the unions agree on safeguards to get back to work
A union statement on Thursday, Walt Disney Co and workers' unions at Walt Disney World in Florida have agreed on safeguards to protect workers against coronavirus, the union said that it removes one of the cornerstones in reopening its popular topic parks.