Business News
Cabin crew Emirates lays off trainee pilots
On Sunday, Emirates said it had made some staff redundant due to the coronavirus pandemic, with 2 sources stating that it had been affected by trainee pilots and cabin crews.
Uber starts to provide hourly rides in some U.S.cities
On Friday, Uber Technologies Inc. said they would offer trips in certain U.S. cities per hour, which would assist Americans during the coronavirus pandemic on essential trips.
Tencent in discussions about buying Warner Music Stake
The Wall Street Journal reported that on Friday the giant of the Chinese Internet, Tencent Holdings Ltd, will be investing $200 million (162.5 million pounds) in Warner Music Group, ahead of its initial public offer for the record company next week.
Following Trump's threats to shut down twitter, Twitter will relocate to Europe
After Trump threatened to shut Twitter down to tell its users to check their tweets, in a lighthearted tweet a senior German officer suggested that California 's company in Europe would be better off.
Google called on the EU to use existing EU legislation in order to regulate the use of artificial intelligence.
Google asked the EU instead of introducing new ones, that the EU 's current EU laws be used to regulate artificial intelligence and cautioned that all regulatory structures would fit in one dimension due to AI's diverse applications.