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BTS is expanding the universe BT21


BTS expands the BT21 universe by providing longer backstories for its characters.

Once again, global K-pop superstars BTS sat together to expand the universe of BT21, characters which they designed personally.

BT21 is a collaboration that was launched back in 2017 between animated character brand LINE FRIENDS and BTS.

They expanded the BT21 universe in 2019, by giving friends and family to the characters.

For 2020, the group was tasked with setting goals for their characters as well as ways in which those characters can go about their fulfillment.

By showcasing their talents on television, they decided to have Tata, RJ, Cooky, Koya, Chimmy, Shooky and Mang make a living.

Watch their brainstorming session and the jobs and tasks they gave their characters in BT21 here:

Meanwhile, BTS is set to appear in the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards first-ever virtual ceremony on May 2.

They are also set to launch a new series of documents called "Break the Silence" on May 12 through the WeVerse app.

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