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Bruno Fernandes says every match between Man Utd is a battle and he's a 'warrior'

Image:-Bruno Fernandes

The midfielder of Manchester United, Bruno Fernandes, described himself as a "warrior" and says he views every match as a fight.

After signing in January, Portugal International made a huge impact on the side of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and was voted the month's Premier League player for February.

Before the season was suspended because of the coronavirus pandemic, Fernandes helped United to an 11-game run unbeaten in all competitions.

And the 25-year-old believes his fighting spirit is key to his game, and the will to win.

Fernandes was asked to describe himself as a player in a Q&A with the United website, and replied: "Warrior, because for me every game is a battle. You have to go out to the game and simply understand that you need to beat your opponent.

"With all due respect, because you have to respect your opponent, but you have to beat them. If you're not beating them, then they'll beat you. Who is on the other team, doesn't matter.

"If he's a friend, I don't care, because I have Premier League friends playing. I'm going to be the biggest enemy they can have at that moment.

After often playing in a slightly deeper position for the previous Sporting Lisbon club, Fernandes was deployed mainly in an attacking midfield role by Solskjaer.

He says that he takes inspiration from the great Andres Iniesta of former Barcelona and Spain.

Fernandes added: "The one I enjoyed watching and following was Iniesta, because Iniesta is a mix of eight to ten.

"It's a way I could do better, eight to ten. It's the guy who always enjoys getting the ball, taking the risks, and I think Iniesta was one of the best in the world.

"It was impressive for me how Iniesta ended her career without the Ballon d'Or [award]. It's difficult for me to understand everything he's won with! ”