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Boston Dynamics robot dog is finally purchasable now.

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Boston Dynamic's robot dog is on sale now, it has good capabilities including herding sheep and would help doctors identify and aid corona virus patients.

For Spot Explorer kit, the basic price is $74,500. Boston Dynamics says: "Spot Explorer has been conceived for developers looking at how flexible mobile robots can be adjusted to meet tasks from industrial inspection and entertainment. You can book one for a $1,000 deposit in six to eight weeks with an expected shipment.

The kit includes the Spot, two batteries, a charger and a tablet controller. You can customize the package with a range of add-ons from a $21,800 spot CAM to a $18,450 Lidar upgrade to help spot navigate large areas autonomously. Boston Dynamic is able to request quotes of versions tailored to meet your needs by potential companies and academic customers.

Commercial sales from Spot are in line with a short term lease program that puts the robot to work in such different environments as a massive building project site and the NASA JPL programme.

At this point , the company is very concerned with cases for business use for Spot. "Spot is intended for use by trained professionals in industrial or commercial applications," Boston Dynamics stated. "Spot is not certified to be safe for use at home or for use in the vicinity of children or others who may not understand the risks involved in its operation."

You may need to wait a bit longer for your hopes to adopt Spot as a pet.

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