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Boris Johnson wants to reduce Chinese telecoms equipment maker Huawei's involvement in Britain's 5G network.

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Premier Boris Johnson plans to reduce the involvement of Chinese telecommunications equipment manufacturer Huawei Technologies Co Ltd in the UK's 5 G network following the coronavirus crisis

Johnson asked officials to plan to reduce the involvement of China in British infrastructure to zero by 2023, the newspaper reported on Friday late.

It is expected Johnson will use less reliance on China as a means of boosting trade talks with the US. According to the newspaper, President Donald Trump, following Britain's departure from the European Union.

Downing Street refrained from commenting. Huawei did not respond immediately to a request for comment.

The Times reported earlier on Friday that Johnson has instructed government officials to make plans to end Britain 's reliance on China for vital medical supplies and other strategic imports.

Beijing is criticized for dealing with the coronavirus outbreak that started in China. Beijing denies US allegations that the outbreak was not transparent.

"He (Johnson) still wants to have a relationship with China but the Huawei deal will be scaled back significantly. Officials were instructed to draft a plan to reduce Huawei 's involvement as quickly as possible, "the Telegraph cited a source as saying.

The development would be a shift in direction for Britain which confirmed it would allow Huawei to play a role in building its 5 G telephone network in late April.

In January, Britain decided to allow Huawei into what the government said was non-sensitive parts of the network, limiting its participation to 35%.

The U.S. has raised security concerns about Huawei equipment, and warned that allies using it in their networks risked being cut off from valuable feeds for sharing intelligence.

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