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Image:- Bounding Into Comics Black Widow Movie Footage From San Diego

A recent leak from Black Widow may have given us a major spoiler over a scene in Black Widow 's final trailer. We know Black Widow's going to end this but what happens next? Will another Black Widow assume control of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Will this film set up the Thunderbolts, and then the Falcon and the Winter Soldier? Clearly Red Hulk is coming but who else?

A BLACK WIDOW toy leak, 2 scenes from the final Black Widow Trailer, and one major theory that includes Yelena Belova, Natasha Romanoff, Thunderbolt Ross and the Thunderbolts, Red Room, Clones, Face Offs, Major Deaths, all here .... On a double cross, on a double cross ...

Black Widow would already have been released in another multiverse and we would have been spending the next month picking up on what all this means for Natasha and, more specifically, Marvel Phase 4.

Of course, the wave of coronavirus delays has paid off any notion of us seeing the standalone adventure of Scarlett Johansson in the MCU until later this year. But don't worry. That simply means we have a lot more time to catch up on prequel, one that is finely poised to both kick off the most ambitious phase in the history of Marvel, as well as offer one final chapter to one of the Mightiest Heroes on Earth.

So, while we couldn't sneak into Marvel's Red Room of Secrets marked 'MASSIVE SPOILERS,' there's plenty down below that will surely whet your appetite before November. Obviously, the release date is there, as are full cast news, quotes, posters and even where Black Widow fits on the timeline of the sprawling MCU. Additionally, there are plenty of Marvel guides in the MCU for everything else once you've previewed Nat's last stand.

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