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Benson subtly denied she and G-Eazy were in a relationship on Instagram.

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Cara Delevingne broke her silence with Ashley Benson on her breakup, along with Benson's allegedly new fling with G-Eazy. The actress was filmed kissing G-Eazy in a car after Benson subtly denied she and G-Eazy were in a relationship on Instagram. A source then told People that G-Eazy and Benson had been involved romantically but not seriously.

"For now it just feels like a fling," a source told the outlet. "She gets a breakup over it."

Fans of Benson 's relationship with Delevingne criticised her on social media for her rebound choice; some suggested she cheated on Delevingne. That prompted Delevingne to make a statement last night on her Instagram storey urging people to stop attacking Benson.

"Spreading love and not hate is more important than ever," Delevingne wrote. "Please stop for everyone who hates @ashleybenson. You don't know the truth, just her and I do it and that's exactly how it should be.

Delevingne and Benson dated two years ago, before their split news broke out nine days ago. People have reported that no major incident sparked the breakup. Their romance had just gradually faded out: "Cara and Ashley had their ups and downs before but now it's over," a source told the outlet. "Their relationship has only been going its course."

Meanwhile, Benson and G-Eazy recently collaborated on a song and saw grocery shopping together while wearing masks. That prompted speculation during the COVID-19 pandemic that they might be dating or quarantining together.

Benson made her only statement on the matter by liking a Delevingne / Benson fan account shared by Instagram, stressing that she and G-Eazy were just friends and assuming otherwise because Benson liked and commented on some of his Instagram posts was unfairly presumptuous.

"You can't say they 're dating just because of something like that and some comments," wrote the user. "Can't Ashley have friends now? STOP SAYING CHEATED ASHLEY! OR DO CARA EVEN! They just need friends more than ever right now. Álvaro

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