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Ben Affleck is excited for Zack Snyder's Justice League

Image:-The 'Snyder Cut' of Justice League is coming to HBO Max in 2021 .

Ben Affleck is excited at HBO Max for Zack Snyder's Justice League, saying that he's happy the filmmaker gets his vision finally realized.

Ben Affleck is the latest high-profile celebrity to express his excitement about the finally coming out of Zack Snyder's Justice League. Having wrapped up his watch party for Man of Steel-the Warner Bros. 2013 film which introduced Henry Cavill as Superman and also kicked off the DCEU, the filmmaker himself delivered the good news. Years after leaving the franchise, Snyder is now allowed to revisit the characters he brought to life via his Justice League version rolling out through HBO Max.

Like Snyder, Affleck is also no longer attached to the DCEU, after only playing it twice in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, walking away from his Batman role. The actor should have starred and directed the upcoming The Batman film, but his decision to give up the cape and cowl paved the way for director Matt Reeves' casting of Robert Pattinson. That said, fans will one last time see Affleck as the Bat of Gotham in Snyder 's upcoming Justice League project set to release next year.

Appearing on The Kevin Smith Podcast (via Gary Mal), Affleck opened up news that Snyder can finally bring his Justice League vision to life. After a personal tragedy, the director had to step away from the project, with Joss Whedon then managing extensive reshoots and post-production. The end product was substantially different from the original fans of Snyder who were not missed by many of his fans, hence the Snyder Cut movement release. Now that the original filmmaker is allowed to finish what he began, Affleck, whom he despite skepticism cast for Batman's role, is nothing but thrilled for Snyder. Check out the video below from the actor:

During last year's second anniversary of Justice League, Affleck was among the big-name stars involved in the movie that threw its support to the Snyder Cut Release movement. It was also around this time that Warner Bros. really took note of the petition, motivating them to reach out for a possible workaround to Snyder. Between this and the director already reaching out to his cast about possibly returning for further scenes, chances are that Affleck and the rest of the cast and crew knew this was going on long before it was confirmed to the public. Whether or not he will be among those called back remains to be seen, but considering how his character has changed in the theatrical version of the Justice League, it is safe to say that he may have to donate the cape again.

No word yet on what form will take Snyder's Justice League when it comes out in HBO Max. Reports say it can be either a 4-hour movie or a mini-series, with the filmmaker pitching the project in person with episodes and cliffhangers in mind. Whatever the case may be, fans like Affleck are just happy that he can finally make his vision come true.

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