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Avengers: Endgame's Poster Was Remade With Retro Comic Images

Image:-Avengers: Endgame's Poster

Avengers : Endgame continues to dominate the pop cultural landscape despite its arrival at theatres a year ago. With their pair of Avengers flicks, the Russo Brothers managed to balance the huge range of characters successfully and managed to push forward every storey in the ultimate battle against Josh Brolin's Thanos. The epic dimension of the film was evident from the posters and trailers of the surviving heroes who in the Infinity War were not poisoned or killed in the Mad Titan. Now the fans' poster with old-school comic book iconography has been refreshed and I can't look away.

Heroes have lived on this page for decades in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While the shared universe tries to find these iconic heroes' most "real" version, their appearance at the top tends to be much more pronounced. Now we can see the Avengers poster: finishing with the heroes in their comic appearance, see it below.

Yeah, it's great. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a colourful adventure that takes people to new worlds, but you can't deny that the characters looked back a little. Seeing Avengers as follows: Endgame poster reworked with a comic book make old school fans happy.

The image above comes to us from artist John Black's social media. Black produces a comic book version of super heroic films regularly, bringing the new school and old school together in a satisfactory image. He clearly has love and reverence for the source material, so these images are so successful.

The post for Avengers: Endgame has a tonne of characters that certainly created a lot more work when reworking with art inspired by comic books. We have also been treated as comic books for accurate versions of characters like Nebula, Rocket, Captain Marvel and Okaye, as well as members of the OG Avengers such as Iron Man and Captain America.

You can see that John Black also includes the original version of Avengers: the Endgame poster for comparison when scrolled through Instagram. But my favourite image is the third one, which combines half of each poster into one image and shows how the work is actually done in detail. It is refreshing to see the MCU's characters and how fans met iconic heroes such as The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy.

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