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Austria is giving way to F1 races without crowds


The Austrian Ministry of Health on Saturday said that Formula One can start its season with two runs in the closed doors in Austria on 5 and 12 July.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the delayed championship that would be held in Australia in March had to end or postpone a number of races, which included the highlight of Monaco.

Around 200 km (124 miles) Southwest of the capital, the Austrian Grand Prix circuit, the picturesque Red Bull Ring owned by the Energy Drink Brand is located near the village of Spielberg.

Formula One will publish an updated calendar in neighboring Hungary early next week, also without viewers, following from Austria.

At Silverstone in England, two races are followed and Hockenheim in Germany, where quarantine are an obstacle. In Spain, Belgium and Italy there are more rounds.

The sport hoped to make 15-18 races, down from 22, after visiting Asia and Americas in December, at the end of the season in Abu Dhabi in December.

For the 10 Formula One teams, on Thursday, the governing International Automobile Federation (FIA), will be restricted to a maximume of 80 participants at the races when the late season takes place in July.

An extensive, professional safety concept to prevent infections was presented by the Austrian event organizers, the Ministry of Health said on its website.

"The concept requires the teams and their employees to be strictly hygienic, as well as regular health inspections and tests," said Minister of Health Anschober.

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