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Audi is launching the Artemis technology car unit to quickly market a Pioneered EV

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Audi has established a new unit of business called Artemis to deliver fast and agile German automakers' latest offer to make electric cars with highly automated driving systems and other technology available on the market

The traditional automotive industry, which could take between five and seven years to design the start of production cycle, struggles to get new and innovative products to market more fast to satisfy the wild demands of consumers. This model is closer to Tesla's operation or a consumer electronics firm.

Audi CEO Markus Duesmann said in a statement Friday that the first project under Artemis will be "developing a pioneering model for Audi rapidly and unbureaucratically." The unit is designed and produced as early as 2024, what Audi describes as a "very efficient electric vehicle."

The Audi Autonomous Intelligent Driving Subsidy (AID) which was launched in 2017 to develop autonomous vehicle technology for the VW Group, Alex Hitzinger will lead Artemis. After the VW had invested 2,6 billion usd in capital and property into the self-directed startup, AID was absorbed into the European headquarters of Argo AI.

Hitzinger will report directly to Duesmann, who takes the new position from 1 June. In In Ingolstadt Germany, Artemis will be stationed at the tech hub of the company in INCampus.

The Audi banner is Artemis. The aim is however to benefit brands within its VW Group member company. In the entire Volkswagen Group Hitzinger and his team will have access to resources and technologies. For example, Artemis will be supplied with digital services through Car. Software, an independent business unit within the VW Group. The upset is to create a plan that makes the VW Group a more agile car manufacturer able to market new vehicles faster and technologically advanced.

By 2029, VW Group is plans to manufacture and sell its 75 brands of electric vehicles, a group of passenger cars and Audi. Audi's plans for 20 new all-electric vehicles and 10 new plug-in-hybrides by 2025 have not changed since the creation of Artemis.

"The obvious question was how to achieve additional high-tech criteria without jeopardizing existing project managerial capability whilst at the same time exploiting new market opportunities," said Duesmann.

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