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At the end of 2021, Apple is going to Discontinue iTunes U

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According to a new supporting document shared by the company , Apple will discontinue iTunes U at the end of 2021.

Apple says the iTunes U tools, along with the Apple School Manager tool, are replaced with next generation apps for teachers and students, including classroom and school work.

Apple also introduced Apple School Manager, along with classrooms and school work, to enable IT administrators to manage iPads, Macs, Apple TV , Apple IDs, books and apps easily, while maintaining secure and private data. Applications such as Pages, Numbers, Keynote, GarageBand, iMovie, Clips, etc. are equipped with educational specifics that teachers and students regularly use.

In this light, at the end of 2021, Apple will cease iTunes U. By the 2020-2021 education year, iTunes U will continue to be available to all existing clients.

iTunes U will be available in the educational year between 2020 and 2021 and will be supported by the end of 2020, according to Apple. For content publishers, new and existing materials will be available publicly until iTunes U is discontinued, but Apple suggests that creators start explore other options. Use of Apple Podcastes or Apple Books may continue to allow current iTunes U users to publish content.

Apple suggests transition to a school app for private publishers, and Apple is planning to add support from ClassKit to iTunes U to facilitate the transition. iTunes U courses can be transitioned to school exports, so that those who wish to move to third-party applications or to Learning Management Systems can also use iTunes U's Export feature. This can be done.

iTunes U is a part of the iTunes application since 2007, which offers university lectures and educational information from U.S. colleges. With the iTunes U app available to use by users to access their collection on an iPhone and - kiPad kit - educators have been able to create courses with audio, media, hand-outs, ebooks etc.

When Apple started to move away from iTunes in 2017, iTunes U content was discontinued as a stand-alone feature and moved to Podcasts and iTunes. iTunes U support has since decreased, with Apple focused instead on new education instruments.

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