As the world's largest smartphone producer, Huawei overshades Samsung

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Huawei has eclipsed Samsung as the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world according to the data of Canalys.

Canalys yesterday reported that Samsung was the world's number one smartphone manufacturer, Huawei, in Q2 2020. Now the change has been corroborated by two additional tracking companies.

Compared to 54.2 million Samsung, CounterPoint Research reveals its results for the Q2 2020 year, noting that the Chinese brand shifted the quarter's 54.8 million units. As a result, both brands accounted for 20% worldwide market share.

"With a unique market scenario created by COVID-19, Huawei was able to achieve this feat. China , the largest market for Huawei, is now recovering from pandemic compared to other markets like Europe, LATAM and North America, "said Tarun Pathak, associate director of Huawei.

Research fellow Omdia also confirmed the change in its report in Q2 2020 which found that 55.8 million units were shipped by Huawei in the same quarter as Samsung's 54.3 million figure.

Omdia joined the other companies to say that, as opposed to Samsung, Huawei could benefit from the Chinese COVID-19 recovery. However Huawei was able "mix effects on its international business" because of the US trade ban, as a result also of the tracking company.

Canalys said the company has led a worldwide four-quarter smartphone shipments list for the first time in nearly a decade other than Samsung and Apple.

As companies struggle to keep the pandemic going, few have gotten through the storm. While Huawei has apparently fought as much on the global stage as its rivals, it has been greatly helped by the growth of strength in their local market. China, which was one of the first countries to recover significantly from the effects of the pandemic, kept the Huawei business there in full swing.

You 're asking how booming? China's shipments now account for 72% of the Company's overall shares in shipments, up 61% in Q1 2020 and just over 50% a year previously. The international fall of Huawei, which decreased further by 27 percent in Q2 2020, was reduced in the fifth consecutive quarter as the company saw global shipments decrease.

Samsung, by comparison, holds less than 1% of China's market. International shipments of the Korean company have also fallen steeply compared with Huawei. In Q2 2020, it recorded a decrease of 30 percent over the year. Over the last quarter, Huawei was recovering slightly but saw a 27 percent decrease in shipments outside China.

Huawei has reportedly seen 55,8 million devices exit their facilities in Q2 2020 in terms of their total units shipped. The figure quoted by Samsung amounts to 53.7 million.