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Aquiline Drones Fires Up Unique Cloud To combat COVID-19

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From a rolling robot to other flying ones, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Aquiline Drones adds sterilization of public spaces and buildings to its action list for unmanned vehicles. CEO and Founder Barry Alexander expects that drones will in the foreseeable future be an important part of the battle against coronavirus.

"In excess of 24 months, we are projecting somewhere," says Alexander, whose business is based in Hartford , Connecticut. That includes using Aquiline Drones, connected to the industry's first drone-dedicated AD Cloud, to create safe business and public space environments using sprays and other methods of sterilization.

Health experts say the coronavirus could be with us forever, and its effects on everyday life. Alexanders says he thinks machines such as drones are going to be the optimal way to clean and secure the locations.

"One would argue that you are replacing human beings with robots, but you are essentially saving people by moving them out of the way of harm and creating a new workforce development industry," says Alexander, adding that drone and cloud technology still need to be managed by people.

He says properly programmed unmanned vehicles can also help mitigate business losses as they re-open slowly around the country.

Aquiline plans to set its AD Cloud on fire later this month or next month.

"We have been building our dedicated cloud-centric aviation platform for quite some time. It was fully tested, and we were running multiple simulations, "he says. Aquiline hopes to become a Federal Aviation Administration service provider, where applicants for drone travel around restricted areas use a company-developed Spartacus digital cognitive agent akin to Siri.

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