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Apple Watch Update Rumors Series 6 To include mental health remedies, sleeping problems

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The majority of people are now forced to stay at home, and that has caused individuals some dilemmas. That includes some who have a hard time sleeping, and others who deal with some sort of mental problem. Health experts warn that individuals who are forced into isolation may end up facing some form of anxiety, stress, and depression. The update to the Apple Watch Series 6 aims to help people who own the device.

The Apple Watch Series 6 update includes an array of features to help individuals cope with anxiety and sleep problems, according to a leaker named Nikias Molina. These headlines the rumored Apple Watch features alongside improvements that include better battery life and a pulse oximeter. Apart from these, there is more to follow per her tweet.

Of the alleged features that should be worth looking forward to, the health-related ones. The series of detection of mental-health abnormalities is among the interesting things to watch. These will add current features such as monitoring heart rate and measures to detect unusual anxiety among owners of Apple Watch.

A further helpful feature to look forward to is sleep tracking. Several people had been dealing with sleep problems such as insomnia even before the COID-19 pandemic. But coronavirus severity has left most to worry and trouble sleeping. And social isolation appears to have a part therein.

"It seems as though the social isolation is feeding some degrees of anxiety which can be crossed over into a sleep problem, whether you have anxiety as a disorder or not," said USF Health Professor and Sleep Medicine Director Dr. William Anderson in an ABC Action News report.

As for the pulse oximeter, this could be the much-anticipated tracking of SPO2, reported by 9 to 5 Macs. This helps owners of Apple Watch keep track of the oxygen levels in their blood and alert them if it dips to a certain threshold. If present, it would be a great timing to keep track of COVID-19 symptoms as it may help.

And while some may think little of it, a big plus for Apple Watch users would be improved battery life. Not only does it become less of a strain for people needing to recharge their devices when needed, but the longevity of use should also help to better monitor sleep and other health concerns. Apple is shifting to some sort of faster Qi-related charging than the ones currently in use, according to Apple Insider, meaning folks could enjoy faster charging in the morning.