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Apple plans to implement the new service of Apple Card


The company is now offering an Apple Card installation plan for the iPhone . Apple is reportedly introducing a non-interest payment plan "in the coming week."

Bloomberg reported on Saturday citing anonymous sources that Apple plans to establish the new Apple Card service "in the next few weeks." Apple did not answer a request for comment immediately.

Apple has an interest-free 12-month payment plan for Macs, iPads, iPad keyboards, the Apple Pencil, and the Mac XDR Display monitor. According to the newsagent, AirPods, Apple TV and HomePod will offer another plan - six months without any interest.

Charges will be added to the Apple Card monthly bill of a customer and payment will be handled by the iPhone Wallet app via the Apple Card section, said Bloomberg.

Apple launched an Apple Card installation plan for people looking to buy iPhones last December, which was 24 months in existence. In the recent past, Apple also allowed Apple customers to skip monthly payments without raising interest charges as a result of the economic disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

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