Apple is taking legal actions on company Prepear as it has a pear logo

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In accordance with iPhone in Canada, Apple takes lawsuits against the developer of the Prepear app because of its logo.

Prepear is an application that helps users to discover recettes, plan food, list foods and arrange food.

The app is a spinoff of "Super Healthy Children," and the founders say they face Apple disputes. Apple reportedly questions the Prepear logo because its attributes are too much like the logo itself.

Through its post on Instagram, the company said that Apple "has decided to oppose and follow the mark of our small business by saying that our Pear logo is too close to its apple logo and that it allegedly harms its brand."

This posting describes the action as 'a major blow to us at Prepear and sends a message to big technology companies stating that bullying small businesses has implications.'

The company launched a Change.org petition to persuade Apple 'to discontinue the Prepear logo and help prevent major technology companies from exploiting their power by pursuing small businesses such as ours, which already struggle with the consequences of Covid-19.'

Prepear says it is a "very small business" with five team members only, and says that legal costs have cost thousands of dollars, and a team member's dismissal has already been made.

"Apple opposed our small company's trade mark application, Prepear, for which we had demanded to change the evidently pear shaped logo of our brand in recipe and meal planning .

Most small companies can not afford to combat Apple for the ten thousand dollars it would be costly."

"Even though we clearly have not done anything wrong we understand why most of them just yield in and change their logos, a great deal of terrible experience can be legally attacked by one of the largest companies in the world."

At present almost 9,000 signatures have been reached and the founders expect 10,000 to be reached.

Apple "were opposed in cases where the logo or industry was different from that of Apple by dozens of other mark applications filed by Small companies with fruit-related logo."

In the past, logos, for example in the case against a Norwegian political party and a German cycling path were the source of lawsuits for Apple.