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Apple and Google became the targets of a game publisher lawsuit by Ubisoft

Image:-Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six

Apple and Google have become the targets of a game publisher Ubisoft lawsuit to allow the sale of an alleged clone of a game called "Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six" produced by an Alibaba subsidiary in the App Store.

In a lawsuit filed in a federal court in Los Angeles on Friday, Ubisoft claims that the game "Area F2" is a "near carbon copy" of its own game, "Rainbow Six: Siege," one which observers can not "seriously dispute." The clone game makers are said to have kept it as close to the original as possible, with minimal efforts being made to make it as legally distinct as possible from Ubisoft's game.

"Practically every aspect of AF2 is copied from R6S," Ubisoft alleges in the lawsuit, as Bloomberg reported, "from the operator selection screen to the final scoring screen, and everything in between."

The Rainbow Six series is a close-quarters battle game, a first-person shooter in which player teams either have to storm a location and wipe out the enemy, or defend themselves from the storming attempt of another team. Area F2 takes advantage of the absence of a mobile version of the PC and console game from Ubisoft, offering similar gameplay but on a smaller screen.

"Ubisoft's competitors are constantly searching for ways to piggyback the popularity of R6S and capture R6S players' attention and money," continues the suit.

"Rainbow Six: Siege" is a major game for Ubisoft, with 55 million players registered worldwide and more than 3 million players per day. The game is also played in competitions for sport, with professional teams taking on each other in tournaments for millions of dollars in prizes.

The AF2 is produced by Qookka Games, a developer Ejoy trading name that Alibaba acquired in 2017. The target is an unusual facet of the lawsuit, as instead of going after Ejoy or Alibaba, Ubisoft is following Apple and Google instead.

By attacking Apple and Google in court, it appears Ubisoft is trying to prevent the clone from being sold in their digital storefronts. In April, AF2 became available for download from the App Store, following Ejoy 's extensive promotion campaign in late 2019.

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