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Apple acquires NextVR startup to gain content for virtual reality

Image:-Apple acquires NextVR startup

Apple Inc. has confirmed that it has acquired NextVR, a sports and other content startup for virtual headsets.

The acquisition may help Apple with supporting software and content to develop VR and AR headsets. NextVR provides contents for several existing VR headsets, including Oculus and Sony Corp., HTC Corp. and Lenovo devices from Facebook Inc.

Sports Leagues including the National Basketball Association and entertainment networks such as Fox Sports are the subject of NextVR. The startup also has expertise in virtual reality streaming, which may also be useful for live shows and games.

The California-based startup Newport Beach officially shut down this week, saying it "goes in a new direction" on its website. Apple says it buys from time to time smaller technology companies that usually do not discuss their purpose or plans. It did not reveal the purchase price, but 9to5Mac website in April reported that Apple was talking about buying NextVR for about $100 million.

This year's deal is the third for Apple, following the purchase of Voysis, an Irish voice technology startup, and Dark Sky, a popular weather app.

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