android security patch of august 2020 is here for google Pixel smart phones

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The security patch for Android is now uploaded to Google Pixel phones in August 2020. Check the system configuration for a software update or await the OTA warning.

August 2020 security patch is about to take place! You can now check the software update on System Settings to grab a new patch if you have a Google Pixel smartphone (all except the original pixel and the just announced pixel 4a). On the other hand, you may update your OTA notification manually or wait.

The August 2020 security patch newsletter states that there are not too many updates here, except for the security boost.

Since the latest Pixel Feature Drop happened in June that makes sense. Next month should we see the next major feature drop along with the first Pixel 4a update.

The security patch for Android, once again in August 2020, is now rolling out to some Samsung phones.

It's becoming reliable that Samsung pushes some of its phones before Google does, which could influence future purchasing decisions.

You can always update manually if you don't want to wait for the OTA alert on your Pixel phone. Click the corresponding link below to download the image of the factory or the OTA.

Don't you have a phone with pixels? The Google Pixel 4a is only $349, so it's one of the most popular phones in the year.