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An unbelievable dark scene for Suicide Squad Joker

Image:-dark scene for Suicide Squad Joker

Despite the name, Joker's most modern incarnations in DC Comics and related media were quite grim. Nobody would call Jared Leto 's version of Suicide Squad character particularly cheerful, and yet more we learn from the original version of David Ayer's Suicide Squad the more we learn that his film, especially his Joker, would be even darker than the movie they were.

The latest news concerning the character played briefly by Common in the theater. One fan asked director David Ayer if the actor should play more than we could see in the film. There was, as it turns out. While the character of Common, Monster T, would always die, it appears that his death method was very different.

It was a surprise to see such a big name as Common in the Suicide Squad and almost disappear as fast as he came. In a scene near the start of Suicide Squad, Monster T appears, where Joker taunts him for a while before apparently shot him dead.

Naturally, we never see Common die on the screen, and that led a fan to ask on Twitter whether this meant that the character of Common might not have died and something else should happen. On Twitter, David Ayer reveals that the reason the scene has been edited as it was, unclear the resolution, and that in the original release the character actually kills itself, intimidated by Joker, is why we don't find Monster T dead.

This is only one of many important changes that have come to light in recent weeks concerning David Ayer's Suicide Squad. From the start it was clear that during the production process the film underwent many changes and some of those changes caused great changes in the tone and story. Ayer was at first pretty quiet about the situation, but he was much more open recently because the movie that we saw was not the film he was originally planning to film.

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