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An e-scooter service, known as Link, is being launched by a company Superpedestrain.


The Boston startsup have raised $15 million to start up a new electric scooter service. It has purchased Zagster, a fellow Boston mobility firm who has just shut down its biking services in towns around the United States.

Superpedestrian is introducing Link, a sharing electric scooter service built around the company's super durable and smart e-scooters, announced in late 2018. The sharing service is based in Boston, Germany.

For this purpose, in what is the last in a space consolidation rash caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, superpedestrian acquires 'substantially all assets' of the company Zagster, a mobility start-up from Boston. Superpedestrian reports to Zagster 's fleet of scooters, specifically purchased "permits, software, and other IPs and talents" according to the Boston Business Journal's first report last Friday. Everything left by Zagster seems to have gone below.

Superpedestrian is now being tested with Zagster for approximately five months in the small town of Fort Pierce, Florida, as reported by TechCrunch first. However, the new company Edison Partner, a new support company and existing Spark Capital and General Catalyst investors, is about to launch a fresh investment of € 10 million.

Superpedestrian refused to name them but is hiring partners or managers for operations in Columbus, Ohio, and Asbury Park, New Jersey. e-scooters have already been installed in Provo, Utah and is also engaged to Salt Lake City. Link has applied to be part of Tacoma, a joint e-scooter program in Washington, and TechCrunch has reported that it is negotiating with Manhattan in Kansas as well.

It was only at end last year when the company teamed up with Zagster in Florida to run its own business. Biderman says that during this test run the scooters designed with the superpedestrian have done really well. He says they can last 2 500 rides, well in excess of another common e-scooter 's average life.

But Biderman says the software is the key component of the scooters designed for Superpedestrians. In order to determine which components and when, e-scooters use on-board computer power. This helps to reduce parts and labor costs as well as operating costs in general, says Biderman. Link needs fewer people, as does longer-lasting hardware, who tend to e-scooters. Biderman said by purchasing Zagster that Link is not only a cheaper to use, but less headache for cities to partner with, to become a vertically integrated scooter.

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