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After a pandemic review, small ISP permanently cancels data caps


Cap cancelation of Antietam Broadband - Comcast, only by 30th June was Cap waived by AT&T.

Big ISPs are held back for a few months by the coronavirus pandemic, but one small ISP continues with a big move and permanently cancels arbitrary monthly limitations. Antietam Broadband serving Marylands in Washington County announced Friday that, "when the company initially temporarily suspended data cap fees, it has permanently deleted broadband data usage caps of all clients," retroactive in mid-March.

Part of the decision to drop the cap permanently was made "in the form of learning from the COVID-19 pandemic when more persons were working and learning remotely,"said Antietam. "Customers have moved into high band packages that reflect their needs for broadband more accurately during this period." Like most other ISPs, Antietam charges prices at different speed levels as measured in bits per second, the advertised download range of Antietam is 1Gbps.

"We felt it was necessary for our customers to have as much security as possible about their bill," said Brian Lynch, President of Antietam in the press release. "The elimination of caps means that customers know every month the exact quantity of their broadband bill."

The US residents use more internet data at home since the pandemic caused offices and schools to be shut down in mid-March. "We saw the increase in broadband consumption as we would generally see during the course of one year since the pandemic began," Lynch said. Antietam said it reacted "by adding backhaul, servers and local nodes." to the increasingly popular use.

In 2015, Antietam charged an overhead $10 fee for each additional 50 GB block. The monthly data caps ranged between 500 GB and 1,5 TB per month, with the exception of an unlimited fibre-planning plan, according to an article Stop the Cap.

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