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Aerolineas flag carrier in Argentina aims to suspend contracts between employees


Aerolineas Argentinas is to start negotiations with union organizations to suspend contracts with thousands of employees, according to the Monday report, until August, after revenue from the flag carrier dropped by approximately 97 per cent due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

It stated in a statement that the airline, which mainly stays afloat through government aid, will pay social security to workers and pay for smaller spot payments over the proposed two-month suspension.

The company intends to suspend 8,000 of their 12,000 employees by a source told Reuters.

The company said that savings from suspension would be used to maintain the fleet, carry out repairs and reinforce its supply chain of replacement parts.

"The global health crisis is an unprecedented event that has led to the biggest commercial aviation crisis in history."

The Commission stated that payments were postponed, debts were renegotiated and payments were reprocessed to the Brazilian and Argentinean banking institutions.

"To emerge from this situation we have to take all the necessary measures for Aerolineas Argentina to grow and develop," he added.

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