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Actor Hariprriya gets behind 'Neer Dose' scenes, talks about the smoking effects

Image from:-Actor Hariprriya

Actor Hariprriya used the time of the lockdown to remind the audience of her role in Neer Dose as Bellulli alias Kumudha.

The actor has written a blog to get behind the scenes of the film, sharing her experience working in the film of director Vijayaprasad, as well as the smoking effects. The film starred Jaggesh in the lead role, and had pivotal roles played by Dattanna and Sumalatha.

The actor says Neer Dose has pushed her into learning the art of holding and puffing a cigarette. "I never thought I was going to smoke, but here I was, with a cigarette between my fingers and totally lost on what to do with it," says Hariprriya, who explains how she went about taking tips from her brother and smoker friends.

"I had always tried to persuade them to quit smoking. Who knew they would be handy for me to smoke one day, "she mentions.

Hariprriya also wonders how smoking addicts people are, as it tastes very bad, and adds that it has had a bad effect on her.

"I have started to get migraine every time and after four years it still affects me even today. But the appreciation and the result of the film made it all worth it, "says Hariprriya, while also reminding Mukesh's line readers-" Smoking Kills."