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A computer programmer has created a voice controlled face mask with LED mouth movement


This is the project for you if you want make your mask much more interactive.

A computer programmer has a facial mask designed to power a variety of LEDs on a microcomputer in order to show a moving mouth while the wearer is talking.

This face mask displays whether the wearer is speaking, and with a click of the tongue wearer can display an illuminated smile.

This invention of Tyler Glaiel, a game designer and computer programmer who has produced an LED panel that easily settles into a fabric mask.

Moreover, he even shared how he did, but if you are going to create your own version at home, you will need a decent level of electronic.

It's built around an Arduino Nano, similar to popular Raspberry Pi programmable microcomputer. The Arduino controls the mask's LED lights and voice system, and a nine volt battery powers the entire work.

He has been experimenting with his creation approximately a month before going into the design. The electrical part of the device can be removed completely to sterilise and to wash the mask.

But the mask should not be worn by children or those who work at hospitals and not for too long as the mask gets warm some times, so it is not a good standard for PPE.

You need a few basic components like an LED matrix, a small microphone, a wire, a converter, and resistors and condensers to build it.

You need a few components like an LED matrix, a small microphone, a wire, a converter, an Arduino (Arduino nano is preferred as it's small in sizes ), resistors and condensers to build it. The cost is approximately $50. In total.

Here! how you can make one of this face mask

He opened the information in a blog post, but as Glaiel said, 'I don't plan to sell it.' He made it open to the public. You'll have to do your own.

The program code for the device is available in GitHub, however, depending on the exact components you are using, you might need some additional coding knowledge.

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