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The full 'Buck Moon' of July beams sky watchers despite a lunar fading eclipse
sky watchers may have seen more than night's fireworks at Saturday Fourth of July: the full moon.
Japan evacuates thousands of people as rains hurl south Kyushu
After unprecedented torrential rains in which fifteen people are feared to have been dead and 9 people are lost, Japan asked thousands of people to evacuate their homes on its southern Kyushu island.
In the newest hybrid fire test engines, Gilmour Space is achieving 45-seconds milestones
In its mission to launch small satellites in space by 2022, Australias' leading rocket enterprise reached another milestone.
US Space force is now assisted with spaceX new launched GPS navigation satellite
To guarantee reliability, the new GPS satellites feature higher accuracy and stronger jam-proofing.
Future about space and experiments on micro gravity
VINVELI 's CEO expects an automation rich future where people and technology work together to create a smart world.