Sports News
9 more players tested positive on COVID-19 at NBA
Nine more COVID-19 NBA player tested positive, less than a week prior to the beginning of the 2020 teams in Florida.
Former top official Kattner banned by FIFA for 10 years
FIFA, the world governing body of soccer, has banned Markus Kattner, a former senior official in the Zurich organization, for 10 years and fined him one million Swiss francs ($1.06 million) after a bonus payment probe.
Hamilton supports protesters who destroy the statue of the slave dealer
Lewis Hamilton, world champion six-times of Formula One, supported the protestors in the English port city of Broistol who toppled the statue of a slave trader of the 17th-century, calling on governments all over the world to do likewise.
The La Liga League uses -virtual- stands and audio for transmissions
When it returns to action on Thursday, La Liga will use virtual imagery of the stands on TV with added 'fan audio' by the FIFA video game makers.
PGA Tour recommends that participants test COVID-19 before participating in events
While the COVID-19 test is a condition of competition when the PGA Tour resumes next week, home testing is not required "strongly encouraged," as per a Monday resource guide issued by the competitors before traveling to a tournament.