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Harry Styles's Rainbow Crochet Sweate is on trend with new TikTok challenge.
The catalyst behind the TikTok challenge is a photos of the British singer and former one-direction who rehearsed for his performace at the "Today show" in NBC in February thanks to the rainbow, crocheted JW Anderson's wearing cardygan.
Dwayne Johnson is on top of the rich list of Instagram
As per the Hopper HQ social media marketing company, the Wrestler-turned-actor could charge advertisers over $1 million (?790,000) per post last year.
Tollywood superstar-Prabhas to record 14 million followers on (Facebook + Instagram)
Prabhas, a superstar of Tollywood, has become a household name for Baahubali's monstrous success. While the film broke several records on the ticket windows, Prabhas achieved a milestone by becoming the first southern actor to see 14 million social media followers (Facebook + Instagram).
On World Environment Day famous bollywood actor salman Khan Cleaning Panvel Farmhouse
Salman Khan Instagram video of his ways to and around the farmhouse in the Panvel on the evening of the World Environment Day, 5 June. At his cleaning spree Salman was joined by other companions.
An unbelievable dark scene for Suicide Squad Joker
Despite the name, Joker's most modern incarnations in DC Comics and related media were quite grim. Nobody would call Jared Leto 's version of Suicide Squad character particularly cheerful, and yet more we learn from the original version of David Ayer's Suicide Squad the more we learn that his film, especially his Joker, would be even darker than the movie they were.