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Why does Elon Musk tweet about 'Bill Gates Rumors Of Affair'
Tesla CEO Elon Musk has a outspoken history on social media outlet. This time in Twitter, many have been amused by his subtle digging at Bill Gates-who recently slammed Mr. Musk for commenting on the corona viral pandemic.
In the third quarter, bet on stocks such as Tesla, Uber & Gilead
We used the ranking service of TipRanks Analyst in order to identify the best analysts on Wall Street.
The stock of Tesla was over $1,200. This is how $2,000 could be hit.
During this week, Tesla's reserve rose 26 percent to about $1,000, $1,100, and $1,200 during the holiday shortened period. In the S&P 500, Tesla is valued more than most blue chip companies.
Tesla has become the most valuable car company in the world
Better than feared U.S. conditions, strong demand for the Chinese Model 3 and an influx of new retail investors all seem to play roles.
Starbucks to pause paid social media advertising to help stop hate speech
Starbucks Corp will pause advertising on all social media platforms as they explore the best ways to help stop hate speech spreading, the company said Sunday in a statement.