9 more players tested positive on COVID-19 at NBA

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Nine more COVID-19 NBA player tested positive, less than a week prior to the beginning of the 2020 teams in Florida.

The National Basketball Association said in a declaration on Thursday that a total of 25 players and 10 team members have been positive for the new coronavirus since the testing began on the 23rd June.

"Any player, coach or team member who has tested positive will remain in solitary confinement until protocols for public health are fulfilled for the discontinuation of isolation.

The NBA teams will travel to Orlando , Florida on July 7, where the league is planning to restart on July 30, after the outbreak of coronavirus in March.

Walt Disney World is the venue for players , coaches and other staff members with the daily testing of COVID-19 and the so-called "bubble" is allowed to be tested by no fans.

After the two team members tested positive for COVID-19 during their trip the Denver Nuggets shut down their training center during the weekend, and the New Orleans Pelican said, three of their players tested positive as well.