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2021 Mercedes has new feature which includes steering wheel capacitive sensors.

Image:-That's one dramatically styled steering wheel. Mercedes-Benz

We 're a few months past the 2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedan debut, and we've just got a few more days to go before the debut of the refreshed E-Class Coupe and Cabriolet. To help bridge that gap, the automaker is distributing a few more details about one of the components in the E-Class lineup, which has been seriously upgraded.

In some of the pictures that arrived for the 2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedan reveal, Keen eyes may have noticed a fancy new steering wheel. But there's not just one; there are actually two new designs, one with single-piece side spokes and one with layered double spokes on either side, the latter being exclusive to AMG vehicles and AMG.

Both new wheel designs contain buttons which are nothing new, but are not buttons. Instead, each spoken carries a range of capacitive sensors that track where your finger is landing. So you can not only tap each symbol on the wheel and get a response, you'll be able to use motions such as swiping for additional features, like changing tracks or menus. By comparison, the current E-Class wheels have two tiny touch-capable pads on the spokes.

Mercedes-Benz claims that the switches on the wheel can handle temperatures above the boiling point of water, so after the car has been sitting in the sun for some time they should work perfectly fine. You know, just in case that worries you. You were worried about your steering wheel switch 's thermal hardiness, right?

The trickery of the steering wheel is not ending up there. Back in the old days (which are still going on, considering the new E-Class is not yet on sale), when the driver-assistance systems of the car were screaming at you to have your hands on the wheel, you had to give it a bit of a wiggle to let the torque sensors know that your hands are where they should be. That will no longer be a problem as each side of the wheel also carries capacitive sensors, so a firm grip is all it takes to keep the electro-nannies from blaring in your face. If you're a rebel and ignore the gripes of the system, it will activate a system that will simply pull the car over. Good luck trying to fool him with a silly plastic lump.

This week, the automaker didn't pick these details to unveil just because it looked good on a calendar. Instead, Mercedes-Benz is preparing to debut the refreshed 2021 E-Class Coupe and Cabriolet, which is likely to carry many of the same tweaks as the sedan, such as updated fasciae and the introduction of MBUX, the latest and biggest infotainment system for the automakers. Both of these variants will be introduced into the world at 5 a.m. on May 27. In a digital world premiere on the website of M-B, PT.

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