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$84 billion loss was suffered by airlines this year


The International Air Transportation Association (IATA) forecast on Tuesday that airlines will lose $84 Billion, as the coronavirus pandemic decreases sales by half to the worst year in the industry 's history.

IATA said revenue is expected to drop to $419 billion from $838 billion last year, because most of the world's airlines are currently parked.

IATA Director General Alexandre de Juniac said, "Every day this year, it will add $230 million to the industry 's loss.

The average loss per passenger is nearly $38.

As a result of traffic struggles to recover and airlines dropped their farms to gain business in 2021, the IATA warned of losses could reach 100 billion. De Juniac, predicting "more intense" competition, said "Airlines will continue being financially fragile in 2021."

"This will give travelers strong incentives to take them back to the skies," he added.IATA anticipates an increase to $598 billion in revenue in 2021.

The cost of weeks of lost business, a debt pile of bailouts and a reduction in demand are taken into consideration by airlines. This year, passenger numbers dropped to 2.25 billion before reaching 3.38 billion by 2021, which is still more than 25% below the level of 2019.

Cargo, a relatively small share of the entire business, has been alleviated by the fact that mass plane landings have dropped the price expected to rise 30%.

Airlines continue to face an assortment of travel restrictions and faithful consumers in markets where COVID-19 infections have dropped sharply.

A 14-day passenger arrival quarantine introduced by Britain this week has led the travel industry to react angrily and to legal threats in the context of reports which indicate that it can be loosened for some destinations in favor of 'air corridors.'

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